Gnostic Tau - The Title Tau

Information about the Gnostic title Tau

Tau is used as a title, given to Gnostic Bishops.

The exoteric apostolic succession relies upon faith, and upon creed and doctrine, and rites and rituals. Gnosis or actual enlightenment is not the criteria for ordination or consecration. In the Gnostic apostolic succession, however, recognition is based upon Gnosis – an actual experience of enlightenment or self-realisation, and the capacity to convey something of that realisation to others.

When someone has reached this attainment of Tau it is rather obvious – initiates experience and can bear witness to various gradations of Kundalini awakening. In our Church, a Tau serves as the principle teachers and guardians of the lineage, and attend to the spiritual labour of the outer circle. A Tau also serves as the knowledge-keepers and revealers of the lineage, and attend to the inner circle.

Of course someone might become enlightened and choose to not serve as a Tau lineage holder. Enlightenment is not dependent on receiving the title in its self.

We understand that the term Tau is something more than a title as it is used in our Church – it represents a state of being. The spiritual and mystical teachings associated with “Tau,” are more than symbolic metaphor – they indicate an actual experience of Divine Gnosis or Divine Illumination.


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