Gnostic Tau - The Title Tau

Information about the Gnostic title Tau

Tau is used as a title, given to Gnostic Bishops.

In Greek the letter Tau forms a “T,” and also in Hebrew the letter called “Tau” is shaped like a “T” ancient Hebrew. Thus the title Tau in terms of esoteric Occultism, indicates the T Cross. The Tau cross, being given the meaning of a state of complete enlightenment and immersion in the Divine Light – the power of being a Theolalite; hence, it indicates embodiment or realisation of Gnosis and Sophia. Tau as a symbol represents the womb and vagina of the Priestess, which is the source of life and enlightenment.

In Eastern Orthodox traditions, and those evolving from the Orthodox tradition, generally it is the Greek Tau that is used, but in the Gnostic tradition it is the Hebrew Tau, which bears added esoteric meaning because it is the last letter of the Hebrew Alef-Bet, and therefore has the same meaning as “Omega” in Greek – the end or fruition, perfection and completion. From this a deeper and more esoteric meaning may be drawn from a saying of: “I am Alpha and Omega,” or “I am Alef and Tau.” All life starts in the womb and enlightenment is also found there, the Holy Grail. The beginning of the Great Work starts from the day you are born, and for males at least, it ends in complete enlightenment that he receives from the Goddess incarnate, the Priestess.

Although in Orthodox traditions the title Tau is used synonymously with the title of Bishop, and indicates the ecclesiastical function of a Bishop in apostolic succession – an overseer and direct successor to the original apostles. In our esoteric apostolic succession, or Gnostic apostolic succession, the title of Tau indicates something distinct from the title of Bishop – a Tau may be a Bishop in the sense of the exoteric apostolic succession, but the title Tau is used to indicate a state of illumination and attainment. We use this to indicate a realised individual or spiritual King or Queen who has the capacity to transmit something of the power of their realisation.